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How do we know this is correct grammar?

Typical translation tools like Google Translate just give a direct, word-for-word translation. Very often, this results in incorrect or unnatural grammar in English - the kind a native English speaker would never use.

EnglishBrain rewrites your Spanish text, using the kind of English wording that a native English speaker would use to express the same thought. Here are some examples.

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Google Translate
Why It's Better
Tengo ganas.
I want.
I feel like it.
This is an expression used to convey that someone wants or feels like doing something. The literal translation is not commonly used in English.
Me da igual.
Give me the same.
I don't care.
This is an expression used to convey indifference or that something is not important. The literal translation can be confusing in English.
Estoy hecho polvo.
I'm knackered.
I'm exhausted.
This is an expression used to describe someone who is very tired or exhausted. The literal translation is very uncommon in English.
Tomar el pelo.
Pull the wool over eyes.
To pull someone's leg.
This is an expression used to describe when someone is joking or teasing someone else. The literal translation can be confusing in English because it doesn't make sense in this context.
Echar de menos
I miss you.
This phrase is most commonly in the context of longing for someone you are speaking to.
Ponerse las pilas
To put the batteries
Get moving!
English speakers don't understand the idiom to use "batteries" - it simply means to move forward.

Why does correct grammar matter?

It is understandably not obvious for Spanish speakers why using correct grammar in English might be important. However, studies show that using correct grammar in professional settings - when interacting with English speakers - can result in at least an 8% increase in your wages!

The reason is obvious: if you were interacting with a non-native Spanish speaker, would you take them more seriously if they were using broken Spanish, or very polished correct Spanish? Here are some examples.

Broken Spanish
Correct Spanish
Ella pone todos sus huevos en la misma cesta.
Ella apuesta todo a una sola carta.
Yo gustas de jugar futbol en el parque.
Me gusta jugar al fútbol en el parque.
Él tiene dos pies izquierdos cuando baila.
Él no tiene ritmo para bailar.
Tú eres un pez fuera del agua en la fiesta.
Tú te sientes incómodo en la fiesta.
Nosotros vamos a romper el hielo con chistes.
Vamos a romper el hielo contando chistes.
El examen fue un paseo en el parque para mí.
El examen fue pan comido para mí.
Yo no puedo sacar la cabeza del agua con mi trabajo.
No puedo mantenerme a flote con mi trabajo.
Ellos se ven como dos gotas de agua.
Ellos se parecen como dos gotas de agua.
La reunión fue una pesadilla, pero yo agarré el toro.
La reunión fue una pesadilla, pero yo agarré el toro por los cuernos.
Tú no eres mi taza de té, pero puedes quedarte.
Tú no eres mi tipo, pero puedes quedarte.

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